Risk services

Synexus offers quantitative risk assessment services for regulatory and best practice aspects, and business advisory or decision support.

An area where we differentiate ourselves, is the interaction of our process engineering and quantitative risk assessment expertise, allowing Synexus to offer unique quantitative risk-based decision support, ranging from basic feasibility assessments, to a variety of (complex) systems and/or problems like the techno-economic risk-based feasibility assessments of new ventures, processes, production facilities, etc.

Why are we different:

  • We provide the much needed interface between technical (engineering) risks and the financial aspects;
  • At Synexus, we don't estimate risks; we calculate them.  Direct comparison between design options or management alternatives possible;
  • Options are accepted or rejected on a basis directly comparable and defendable against international norms;
  • Simply put, we provide the means for sound, quantifiable decision-making.
  • Sound decisions means less risk, lowering liability, and ultimately a more secured business.
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